WE ARE ESMA Notified Body


Our dedication to a quality services ensures than we are always responsive to client's needs and committed to provide effective solutions for them.

THE Q is a pioneer Emirati company Notified by federal government authority ESMA providing Quality Government Services and standardization services in addition to technical and occupational skills training. The Q was established in 2018, with support of Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development.

We guarantee the highest standard meeting our customer expectation for prompt delivery via our expert panel with vast experience in ESMA government services and technical field. We are proud to provide top level service not just a product.

THE Q as a Certification body and an ESMA Notified Body stands out the crowd due to its eminent customer service and following the contemporary business strategies. THE Q modulate its operations and ESMA’s government services via our code of ethics policy focus on the following principles.

Our Loyalty is our Royalty!


The Q Quality Certificates Issuing Services is an approved Notified Body by ESMA to issue ECAS and EQM certificates

Chemical Scope

Chemistry is a integral part of everyday life. We found in  embedded in foods, the air, cleaning chemicals, emotions, and literally every object you can see or touch. THE Q Notified by ESMA,helps their consumer to ensure, what they touch is safe to you nudge, non- hazardous to intake and risk free to use.

Food Scope

Food touches everyday billions of lives. THE Q Notified by ESMA, effectuates to make better and healthier world for individuals and families and for our communities. THE Q gives assurance to consumer to use safe products and making an impact in UAE.

Electrical Scope

With electricity being an integral part of our lives, sometimes we neglects its hazards. As per international survey report 9% rate of mortality is due to electrocution: Use of defective or unsafe tools , Overloading outlets etc. THE Q committed to implement international standards adopted by ESMA for safe product intended to use in UAE market.

Mechanical Scope

Machines can significantly improve production and efficiency of work in our daily life. But they do not come without risks. THE Q Notified by ESMA, ensures all safety requirements needed to put in equipment designs for safety measures and following international standards adopted by ESMA to ensure customer about adequate safety.

Metrology Scope

Metrology ensures measuring efficiency of devices or instrument use in various industries. All industrial productions either related to food, electrical, cars or logistic sectors required accuracy to operates within their limit. THE Q Notified by ESMA, ensures their customers’ devices intend to use for their process give accurate and precise results.

In Partnership of the trusted laboratory in Saudi Arabia.